Brizy Pro v2.3.7 – WordPress Page Builder – Free Download

Brizy Pro – WordPress Page Builder

Brizy Pro is a purely visual WordPress page builder. To create your page, you first need to add a block. You can use an empty block, or you can choose from pre-made section blocks. The “unique interface” part is what happens when you start adding elements. Instead of having a sidebar or popup where you customize / style the element, almost everything happens internally (including text input). The result is a very fast way to create pages.

Demo: https://www.brizy.io/brizy-pro-pricing/

Also Checkout: https://www.web4free.in/paylab-mobile-platform-for-top-ups/

The most user-friendly website builder in town

No designer or developer skills required!

Intuitive & Clutter Free

Nothing says ‘intuitive’ more than a tool that shows only what’s needed for the task and hides everything that’s not. That’s what makes Brizy the best website builder.

Real-time Editing

No more disjointed experiences, create everything visually, right in front of your eyes. 

Drag & Drop

Arrange and move anything you see on screen with a simple motion of your cursor.

Cutting Edge

Brizy is built on React, the open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook. This is the go-to technology for UI.

Fully Loaded

Forms, Sliders & Tabs are just a few of the premium tools included in the Free version.

Password: web4free.in

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