CS-Cart 4.11.4 NULLED

Released CS-Cart 4.11.4 with bug fixes and improvements!

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Changes in CS-Cart for marketplaces (Multi-Vendor)
Added the ability to edit texts of a mobile application in the admin panel. Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate has mobile apps for buyers and sellers. Now these applications take their texts from your marketplace. Texts can be changed in the settings of the “Mobile Application” module on the “Translations” tab. New mobile applications have this feature by default. But if your application has already been released, then getting this functionality is easy – upgrade to version 4.11.4 and ask us to release a new version of your application.

A new moderation menu has been added.If you use the “Seller Data Moderation” module, now you have a way to quickly find out which products and sellers are awaiting verification.

Now for sellers, the marketplace logo is used by default. Previously, if the seller did not provide his logo, then the theme logo was used. This bug is fixed in 4.11.4.

Multi-Vendor Ultimate introduces a new module, “Payment Methods Based on Country.” It allows you to hide or show payment methods depending on the country that the buyer has chosen. This is useful if you have a large marketplace that works worldwide.

General changes
The ability to generate two checks has been added to the Robokassa payment method. This is necessary to comply with 54-FZ. In the settings of the payment method, it became possible to indicate at which order status to break the first check, and at which – the second.

For products, JSON-LD markup has been added. Google recommends the JSON-LD format for markup. Some of our customers have reported that using JSON-LD increases the likelihood that Google will show more information about the product next to it in the search results.
Added REST API for managing product variations. This change is mostly interesting for third-party developers. The API will allow them to develop applications that can manage variations and groups of variations.

More information on the buyer’s edit page. Previously, there was only the number of orders and paid orders, as well as all the expenses of the buyer. Now there are registration dates and the first / last order. So you can get a more complete picture of the buyer.

Widget references removed from the interface. Using the widget, you could embed your store in another site. But this functionality was not widely used, so we decided to gradually abandon it and concentrate on other parts of CS-Cart. If you have a widget built in somewhere, then it will not stop working after the update. But the widget code in the interface will not be displayed.

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