CS-Cart 4.11.5 NULLED

Full list of changes:
New CommerceML module
In 4.11.5 we added new CommerceML module. It is still marked with [Dev]. This means that the module is still in development: some settings will appear or disappear, some features will be added, the exchange with different systems will be thoroughly checked, etc.
At the same time, the old CommerceML module also remained. So everyone who wants to help in development can try the new module and give feedback right now. Others will be able to use the old module and wait until the new one is fully ready.
This time the main change is a new module for exchanging information with 1C: Trade Management, MoySklad and Class365 via CommerceML. But there are also improvements in the interface and modules “Yandex.Checkout” and “ATOL Online”.



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