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Fiberchat v1.0.27 – Whatsapp Clone Full Chat & Call App | Android & iOS Flutter Chat app – Free Download

Fiberchat – Whatsapp Clone Full Chat & Call App | Android & iOS Flutter Chat app

Fiberchat is Whatsapp clone chat application both on android and IOS platform, you can run your own chat application just like whatsapp application.




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1. Support Android & iOS Devices
2. Clean UI/UX
3. Mobile OTP login (Supports All country code)
4. Passcode Authentication
5. See Device Contacts
6. One-to-One Chat
7. Chat without Saving number
8. Accept / Reject new user invitation
9. User status (Online, Last seen, mistyping)
10. Video Calling
11. Audio Calling
12. Call Logs (with Call duration)
13. See Unseen Message Count
14. Share Text Messages
15. Share any kind of Documents, Video & Images
16. Share Audio Recording
17. Share Contacts
18. Share Current Location
19. Share GIF (from GIPHY Gallery)
20. Download Media
21. Change wallpaper
22. Play Video
23. Save Conversation
24. Hide, Lock Chat

25. Block Chat
26. End-to-End Encryption (Only Sender and Recipient can read the messages. Even Admin cannot read them)
27. Profile Page (Change Avatar, Status, Display name)
28. Push Notifications (on new message, calls)
29. Admob ads (banner , interstitial & video ads) – Control from Admin App
30. All Notifications
31. Status Stories(NEW)
32. Group Chat (NEW)
33. Advance Admin App Controls (NEW)
34. User Profile View (NEW)
35. WhatsApp type Calling Screen (NEW)
36. Progress Indicator for Media Sending (NEW)
37. Delete for Me/Everyone (NEW)
38. See All Joined Users (NEW)
39. Firebase Crashlytics Added (NEW)
40. Multi-Language (Additional – ON DEMAND) (
41. Broadcast (Additional – ON DEMAND)


Version 1.0.27 –    13th July 2021

Download Now

- Heavily tested on Android & iOS
- Group Chat Integrated
- Status/Stories Integrated
- Delete for Me/Everyone
- New calling screens with Image
- User Profile view new screen
- New Settings Screen Added
- Available contacts auto-sorting
- Video/Media sending optimized
- Multi-Language Notifications
- Upload Progress indicator added
- 24hrs / AM-PM Time Format
- Hide call function using Admin App
- See all saved users already joined.
- End-To-End Encryption label added
- Set Max. file sending size from Admin App
- Set Status Auto-delete Time from Admin App
- Set Group Members limit from Admin App
- Reduced Startup Load
- Database Read/write optimized
- Folders sorted for easy understanding
- Improved performance & features
- Firebase Crashlytics Added
- Bug fixes

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