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LaraSwift SaaS v1.0 – Laravel Admin & User Dashboard + CRUD Builder + Stripe Recurring Payment

This is a powerful and secure PHP Backend solution built with Laravel for developers, website owners and startups looking to implement a user and admin dashboard with Stripe recurring billing. It comes with a set of tools / modules that will save you time and allow you to quickly build a SaaS application.


LaraSwift SaaS comes with a standard Role Based Access Control (RBAC) user and administrator dashboard that you can use to support your website backend, user management, user registration, login, etc. It also comes with software as a service (Saas) features / tools using recurring lane payments that you can use as the basis for your SaaS app and launch, which require you to charge users daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It’s so flexible that you can even create payment plans right from your admin panel.

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