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Wovie v1.0.2 – Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform

Wovie is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly CMS Pro for streaming movies and TV series with an advanced video content management system.


Easy Installation: Easily install Wovie without coding or developer in a few steps with our easy-to-use installer and documentation.
Source Code: We do not encrypt or hide our code. You have the freedom to integrate and modify our code to fit your needs.
Ad Manager: Paste ad codes into the integrated ad slots in the admin panel and they’ll appear automatically.
Several languages:you can translate Wovie to any language by editing just one file.
Optimized for SEO : SEO links and HTML that Google will love <3
Social Sharing: Drive traffic to your website via social media
Community: Keep members interacting with each other through comments and discussions.
High performance: A system that satisfies 100% of Google Lighthouse queries.
Player: Support for video formats Mp4, TS, m3e8.

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