wpDiscuz Premium v7.0.7 – WordPress Comments Plugin

wpDiscuz is a real-time AJAX commenting system with customizable comment form and fields. wpDiscuz is designed to include custom WordPress comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens of features. This is the best alternative to Disqus comments if you want to store your comments in your database. The wpDiscuz Addons Bundle includes 16 premium wpDiscuz addons for a total value of $ 336.

Demo:- https://ouo.io/UAEvgY

wpDiscuz – Ads Manager 7.0.1
wpDiscuz – Advanced Liking 7.0.1
wpDiscuz – Comment Author Info 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Comment Search 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Comment Translation 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Emoticons 7.0.6
wpDiscuz – Front-end Moderation 7.0. 1
wpDiscuz – Media Uploader 7.0.3
wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Online Users 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Private Comments 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Google reCAPTCHA 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Report and Flagging 7.0.0
wpDiscuz – Subscription Manager 7.0. 0
wpDiscuz – User & Comment Mentioning 7.0.3
wpDiscuz – Widgets 7.0.3

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